AutoGenius Hyundai i20 asta ashutosh swami

Ashutosh Swami get’s a Hyundai i20 Asta

Once you buy a car from AutoGenius you will recommend it as a go-to option for your loved ones. Such is the case with Mr Ashutosh Swami. He was recommended to seek AutoGenius’s consultation in buying the best car for him by Mr Omkar Wangikar.

His requirements are as follows:

  • Price: 3L
  • Mileage: 10 ± 5 kmpl
  • Weekly travel
  • More Legroom
  • High Ground Clearance
  • Type: Sedans, Hatchbacks
  • ABS
  • Tenure 3yrs.
  • Resale value: Medium
  • Suspensions: Medium
  • Hatchback preferred
  • NVH Min is better
  • Color: Black Brown, Grey, Silver, Maroon, White
  • Features: Steering Controls, Bluetooth, Good Music System, Alloys
  • Light Clutch
Ashutosh needed his car to be spacious and for him to be comfortable in his car, we looked for options like Maruti Suzuki Sx4, one that offers good head and legroom and something that accommodates him and his family well.
The Sx4’s available were either not maintained well or were the pre-2010 variants wherein the steering weight to manoeuvre is too heavy and not at all comforting to drive in traffic.
After a long search, we did find a very good 2011 Sx4 Zxi which included Auto Climate control Ac, Airbags and ABS. The price quoted was 3.35L and we were able to get it for a price of 2.90L. The car is done 68k kms so the deal would have been a good one but we were looking for something exceptional. After looking out for every single SX4 available on Sale in Pune, we moved our search to other cars that are suited to Ashutosh’s requirements.
  • Autogenius sx4
The VW polo’s have a timeless classy design and a youthful character. We found a very good conditioned Polo Highline variant with all genuine 29k kms. The car was performing exceptionally well to all our test points. So we called up Ashutosh to come and seize the car immediately. But someone else did the booking and we had to search for something that is equally good or even better.
That very morning Ashutosh had requested to search for a Hyundai I20 as it has been a favourite of his for a very long time.
We consider ourselves super lucky coz we found a Hyundai I20 Asta done only 13400 kms and since it being a top end variant we got all the features required. The car also had insurance and all 5 tires were almost brand new.
  • AutoGenius Hyundai i20 asta ashutosh swami

The car comes with the following features:

  • ABS
  • Airbags ( driver and Passenger)
  • Rear Defogger and Rear Wiper
  • Front fog lamps
  • Auto climate control Ac
  • All Alloys
  • Steering mounted control
The Song decision :
We went on to test drive the car and it fared pretty awesome to all our tests, We were just super happy with the car’s drive, so in the end, thought of checking the music system and the song played…

le ja mujhe saath tere
mujhko na rehna saath mere…

We laughed crazily and booked the car immediately.

Following are the pictures of the car’s delivery :

  • AutoGenius Hyundai i20 asta ashutosh swami

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