Bajaj Avenger Street 150 Review


The avenger street 150 is special, it feels gifted. Is this the reason behind the very famous tagline from Bajaj, FLG “Feel like God”? Also it is the only cruiser bike with a 150 cc engine. The review is to help you understand whether the title of “FEEL Like God” really implies to Avenger and to find out how good is it?

According to Joss Whedon and Kevin Feige the producer and the director of the famous movie, Avengers is a name of the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

By literal meaning an Avenger is someone who refuses to lose. Someone who retaliates and takes a revenge. That’s exactly what the Bajaj Avenger has been doing. The early stage battle for entry level cruisers began in 2000’s among the Bajaj Kawasaki Eliminator and the Yamaha Enticer. Bikes we looked upon in our childhood days as new style bikes. Unfortunately it didn’t work out well in the favor of Yamaha’s back then, they stooped its production in 2003 and the Bajaj Kawasaki Eliminator ruled till 2007 as the only successful entry level cruiser. Bajaj Eliminator 175 discontinued in 2007 and served as the base for the origin of famous Avenger series that has not given up till date.

We are here to find just how good is the bike that has ramped up sales for Bajaj to the next level and made Bajaj Auto the only successful company with its cruiser line-up with smaller displacements in India.

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Our Bike Review is been divided into 14 primary parameters that differentiates one bike from another.  The Spider web diagram our specialty, will help you understand each characteristics faster. The ratings are dependent of segments, value for money characteristic and overall performance against its competitors. The points will answer your every question that you ever had. If you a ready let’s Cruise.

Autogenius Avenger street 150

A lot of reviewers will take you round the bush and keep you confused on whether to buy the bike or not. We promise you to be direct and on point with our review.

Top Speed :

Our First point in our primary parameter. The Avenger Street 150 does a top speed of 115 kmph and within our test we tried to push it to its maximum. We rated it a 7/10 on our list.



Honestly since it being a 150 cc bike we aren’t much impressed with its acceleration and we really thought it could had been better. It marked the 0 to 60 kph in 6.40 secs and the 0 to 100 kph in 15.9 secs we rated the acceleration an 7/10 on our list

Mileage :

We been riding the bike for more than a month now in city traffic as well as on the highways and our personal closed area. The bike gave us a mileage of 42 kmpl in city, 48 kmpl on the highways and 45 kmpl in our closed testing area. The figure’s strictly arent impressive but arent bad either. As a result we are happy and rated it a  7.5/10.



The Street 150 gets a 240 mm disc at the front and a 130 mm drum at the rear. The brake bite has been excellent. However since the bikes is rear biased with its weight. Panic braking of the front disc results in disturbing the balance of the bike and the bike starts to skid and loose control even at lower speeds of 40 to 50 kmph.

On the other hand the rear brakes even though being drum have been excellent in managing to cut speeds in secs without disturbing the bike’s handling characteristics.

The bike brakes from 60 kph to a standstill 0 in 6.5 meters and in 3.4 secs.

I would have appreciated an addition of a rear disk and ABS at least in an optional variant.

So we rated it a 7/10 on our list.


Handling & Maneuverability:

Majority of Cruiser are hard to handle because they weight too much. They usually go outwards in corners. The Street 150 is quite an opposite in these regards, it’s agile and has be capability to maneuver well. Though it weighs 148 kgs it really doesn’t feel that heavy while riding in city traffic or on the highways. We rated it a 9/10 on our list.



The cruiser are all about comfort in riding, at least that’s what one expects. Low laying seats, pretty much a straight riding posture and the street 150 justifies all these characteristics well.  The seat are softer than the earlier generation Avengers but we wish they were even softer and cushioned. The Avenger comes with a lot of accessories directly from Bajaj Auto a plus point to all the owners. The addition of backrest increases the comfort for a pillion, however since the bike doesn’t really come with the backrest as standard accessory we rated the avenger an 8/10 on our list.

 Luxury & Status Symbol:

With biking market pacing towards higher cc (Cubic Capacity) and a higher price, Bikes are also looked upon as status symbols. It’s one more thing that differentiates a bike from another. Bajaj Auto though a commoner the Avenger isn’t. It holds value like the Samsung S7 Edge phones amongst all the other Samsung ones. We rated an 8/10 on our list.


Looks and aesthetics:

The first thing that strikes our mind is, it’s different. Just everything about the bike is different from the usual commuters. The Side Stand is shiny metal and looks classic. The circular headlights and the addition of new white bulb is a charmer. The tank also functions as an added information display. It notifies the rider about the fueling meter, the headlight upper Neutral gear battery indication and the signal lights. Many aren’t used to looking down at the tank but driving it for a few days solves the fuss of where to look at for the above information.

A lot of portions of the bike are now matte black clearly in line with the Harley Davidson’s Street 750. But I really appreciate Bajaj Auto enhancing the looks of the avenger Street from the cruiser models. We rated an 8.5/10 on our list.

Material Quality :

Materials used feel premium throughout the bike. However the fitting isn’t perfect. The alignment of left and right mirrors weren’t precise. Also the clutch and brake levers were at varied angles. But that’s something that can be fixed so we rated it an 8.5/10 on our list

Safety :

This is the only segment where it scores less. With increasing no. of road accidents we would really love to see bike Manufacturers offering ABS as standard on all bikes, if not at least as an optional component. The bike does get side guards to protect its body from getting a hit directly if the bike falls down. We rated it a 6.5/10 on our list.


Noise Vibration & Harshness:

One Area where the Avenger excels is the NVH Level. If you have ever rode a TVS bike you would have a fair understanding of why the NVH levels being low are important. The Engine is super smooth and along with decent dampers it makes a great combination to leave very little vibrations to the foot pegs and the handle bars. We sprayed a motul chain Lube on the bikes chain and sprockets and the chain noise was reduced by more than half and resulted in super smoothness while riding the bike. The engine didn’t have any harshness and gear shifts were pleasant. We rated the avenger what it actually deserves a 9/10.

Note: (The street 220 has higher amount of NVH than the street 150). However the power generated by 220 is far superior. We enjoyed our time cruising on the Street 150 more.

Maintenance & Service Costs:

We checked multiple bikes at service centres and enquired data from as many owners as possible. The First service costed about Rs.700 approx. and the paid service went up to Rs. 1200 for majority of the owners. So we rated it a 7/10 on our list.

Value For Money:

Oh yes! Definitely. All the other cruisers in the market now are at least 4 lakh more expensive than the Avenger. Which means if you want a cruiser. The avenger is your only chance in getting it. At the on road price less than a lakh rupee with all that Avenger has to offer. It a 8.5/10 for sure on our list.


Resale Value:

Bajaj Auto Bikes have a fair depreciation, with 2 or 3 years down the bike would resale for half its cost. The parts wear off soon too and that makes us rate it a 7.5/10 on our list

Bajaj Avenger Street 150 Verdict:

So the answer the ultimate question

Is it a worth buy?

Yes, it’s the one we would be for a weekend ride or as a gift to our Parents to enjoy their time cruising, having a conversation with the pillion. If you want a fast bike there are a lot of better options available out there, this one is a conversationalist. And that’s what you are gonna enjoy doing.

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