Mr. Chandrashekhar Mahadik gets a Hyundai Verna Sx

Mr Chandrashekhar Mahadik looking for his first family car approached AutoGenius to get his family the best premium sedan of 2017-18.

His Requirements :

  • Price Range: 12 to 13 Lakhs 
  • Sedan
  • Powerful Engine
  • Good Mileage
  • Practical Diesel
  • Low NVH (Noise Vibration Harshness)
  • Good For Long Journey every week
  • Soft suspensions tuned for more comfort
  • Rear Ac vents
  • Seats with excellent lumbar support
  • Minimum Turbo Lag
  • Solid build quality and finish
  • Reverse parking sensors and camera
  • Electrical mirror openings
  • Aesthetically Pleasing
  • Colours preferred Silver

Options :

Honda City V

Maruti Suzuki Ciaz Alpha

Hyundai Verna Sx

Let the Showdown begin !

(All three cars are Diesel in this comparison)
Honda City V : Let me begin by telling you the perks of buying a Honda City V. Honda’s are known for their brand Value and offer the best resale value form this lot of cars. They are very reliable. Good Mileage. Ample of legroom. City has survived sales for almost two decades now and is still considered as the go-to choice in this segment. However we being AutoGenius value our customers needs more than stereotypes.
Power : 99 bhp @ 3600 RPM, Torque : 200 Nm @ 1750 RPM
So here are the cons of buying the new Honda City V (Diesel): Being a diesel motored car it shows a few traits common in regular Diesel vehicles like Vibrations are felt in the foot pedal. Cabin noise is present. Since these traits were undesirable for Mr Chandrashekhar and his family we had to disqualify Honda City as the car to buy.
Maruti Suzuki Ciaz Alpha: Currently the only Hybrid car in this lot. SHVS (Smart Hybrid Vehicles by Suzuki) works like a charm. How it works is if you keep your car in idle, the diesel engine shuts off and the car switches over to its electric assist to its electricals and as soon as the clutch is pressed again the diesel motor kicks in, this saves fuel during start-stop traffic and in between red lights. Ciaz also has torque assist i.e. since electric motors produce power at 0 rpm. As opposed to traditional internal combustion engines that make power at & above 1000 rpm. Good Legroom. Greater mileage thanks to its SHVS. Smooth engine and medium NVH.
Power : 91 bhp, Torque : 130Nm@4000rpm
Cons of buying Maruti Suzuki Ciaz Alpha: Although Maruti Suzuki has upped its class in terms of material quality and interiors used, however, it still pales in comparison to the likes of Hyundai and Honda.
Hyundai Verna Sx: Is the most recently launched car in this lot with the facelift. It is also the car that Mr. Chandrashekhar found to be the best looking of the 3 cars.  NVH is lowest. Almost feels like a petrol car, which is the highest form of compliment I can give to a diesel car. Interior quality is top notch. Most powerful car in this comparison. Great for long drives. Also, the Sx has every feature Mr Mahadik needed in a car versus the S variant lacks too many of them.
Power : 126 bhp @ 4000 RPM, Torque : 260 Nm @ 1500 RPM.
A few cons for buying Hyundai Verna Sx: A waiting period of 3 months, rear legroom is less as compared to its competition but since Mr Chandrashekhar has 2 adorable little children, it wasn’t a deciding factor in choosing other cars over Hyundai Verna. We went on test drives for all the 3 cars back to back and found Mr Mahadik to be most comfortable and happy driving the Verna and hence we got the Hyundai Verna Sx.

Following are the pictures at the time of delivery :

  • Chandrashekar_Hyundai_Verna_AutoGenius_


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