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Director of Pokket Cafe gets a Honda City V mt from AutoGenius

A director needs to arrive in style, status value of a car matters here. I met a practical Director of Pokket cafe Mr. Abhijit Ghatge for his requirements from a car and got a Honda City V MT for him within a week. Here’s the story..
A highly practical person knows to invest his money wisely, Paying extra on RTO, Registrations, insurance and all the accessories aint practicality, when you can invest the same amount and generate more profit by investing it in business expansion.
Doing this makes absolute sense when the car you get is 100% Awesome and is tested by AutoGenius.

Director Abhijit’s Requirements:

  • Price: 3.5 Lakhs ±
  • Daily/ Weekly kms : 50 to 100 kms
  • More comfort and luxury feel
  • New tyres
  • Mileage: 15 kmpl
  • NVH levels: Medium
  • Adequate legroom
  • Ground clearance more than 160 mm
  • Good Resale Value
  • Beige interiors with leathers preferred
  • Superb Music system
  • Low on Maintenance and niggles free
  • White silver or grey colour preferred.
  • No Maruti Cars
  • Honda, Ford or Hyundai Preferred
  • 1st owner preferred.
  • Good vehicle stability at moderate speeds of 100 kmph+
  • less than 60,000 kms driven
  • year of manufacture : 2010 +

 Options open to our discussion were:

*Hyundai Verna
*Honda City
*Honda Amaze
*Volkswagen Vento
*Ford Fiesta
*Figo Aspire
*Honda Civic.


With the pros and cons discussed of each car, majority of the cars were eliminated from our search list immediately. That’s the best about searching and finalizing cars for directors. They are dynamic is decision making and that one quality surely impresses everyone including us.

Our final shortlisting came to the following cars:

*Honda City ( 9 Cars Tested)
*Honda Civic (4 cars Tested)
*Ford Fiesta (Diesel) ( 3 Cars Tested)


 With Testing and selection both with Autogenius, we do make miracles happen with the quality of car and the price we get it at. My engineers searching cars day and night and shortlisting the best ones, they found 5 such cars that were a cut above the others. I personally visited each one to test them with our 238 point checks.
First up was the Honda city S Mt, with leather seat covers, all new tyres, superb car condition, No accidental history & lowest NVH levels such that the car is running couldn’t even be felt. The kms on the odometer weren’t genuine though. The odometer was tampered by the dealer with a margin of 30k.  Though the car was just superb, we had to reject it.
  • Autogenius honda city smt 1

Next was the Honda Civic V MT:

Good Exteriors and clean interiors and a very reasonable price made us like the car instantly, a few minor scratches below the car could be ignored but the engine mountings were worn out and needed replacement. The dealer was ready for the replacement too, However the notorious civic’s steering rack being a hydraulic one had leakage. Replacing that would cost more than 60,000 at the Honda Service centres. So I had to reject it without any fuss.
Other civic weren’t that great either. We always say we help customers choose cars we could buy ourselves. If a car doesn’t meet this criteria we do reject it on the spot.
  • Autogenius honda civic vmt 1
The search went on for the next 3 days with multiple cars tested every day, coz we don’t settle until we have found the best one.
A golden Honda city S mt knocked our doors at the same price budget. It was nicely maintained, the repair work on the car was to a minimum with a service due in the next month. The Ouch factor was that the car was second owner on its papers, though being transferred within family. We did shortlist this one and went on with our search for the next car.
  • Autogenius honda city 1
Next morning, it was day 6 of our search and we had to deliver car to Mr. Ghatge within a week, we had to search + test + rto check + service history check + insurance check finalize and deliver the car. And we managed to do just that.
Visited the dealers place, checked the Honda city with our 238 point checklist, bargained for the best price and requested Mr. Abhijit to visit the dealership asap, while we got the service history checked from the service centre. It was all clean. It was a Honda city V Mt White. With all new tyres, Alloys, leather interiors, front fog lamps and no scratches on the car. There were minor works on the car such as the loose air box, missing screws of the front bumper, left side pilot lamp not working, second key not working and no insurance on the car. The dealer agreed to get them all done. So we booked the car immediately, coz good cars don’t stay any longer.  We made sure everything gets covered from our 238 point checklist and gave a report to the dealer to get the work done before we deliver the car. We got a better price for the insurance with our tie ups which gave us 30% discount, saving another  Rs 4000/- from the deal. Total discount offered to us was of Rs. 50000/-  + additional 4000 saved in insurance which was great and worked out just right in the favor of Autogenius and our customer.

Pics of the car:

  • Autogenius honda city vmt pokket cafe 1
Very soon it was Day 7. We kept our commitment of delivering the car within a weeks time, we were super happy as we found just the best Honda City V MT for the Director of Pokket Cafe to visit his meetings in style.

Pictures from the Car’s Delivery:

  • Autogenius honda city vmt pokket cafe 1

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