Autogenius yamaha fascino ghanshyam raut

Ghanshyam Raut’s Yamaha Fascino

What are the odds that a person planning to buy a scooter for his wife asks AutoGenius the directions for a showroom? Well believe it or not this just happened. Here’s the story of our new customer Mr. Ghanshyam Raut and the White Yamaha Fascino.
I and Shubham Mehta our Brand Ambassador at AutoGenius were taking print outs of our 222 point Bike Checklist coz we had our appointment to test the 1978 modelled Royal Enfield. A rare classic. We were just leaving from the place and we were asked for the directions to multiple showrooms. Amused we inquired if this person wanted to buy a bike or scooter, his requirements and the reason behind getting one.


  • Light in weight.
  • Looks Classic and Unique
  • Should be easy to lift by a female if it happen to fall.
  • Good mileage
  • Large storage place
  • Variety of colour options available


Very patiently he expressed all his needs and requirements from the vehicle he wanted for his wife. We told him about our company and the discount we can get for him. Eagerly he stated he will visit the showroom himself first and if there’s a price difference he will come to AutoGenius to get the same vehicle. We too agreed coz we know we are the best when it comes to pricing and moved on to our appointment.
That evening I got a call, I am happy know it is Mr. Raut asking for the best possible on the scooters of Yamaha and Honda.
Since he was fixed on a Classic looking scooter, in a limited budget and a lightweight category the options were limited and we fixed upon the Yamaha Fascino in Huate White. Mr. Raut loved the light in weight classic scooter and was happy with the test drive too.

Autogenius yamaha fascino ghanshyam raut

With our AutoGenius network we could manage getting the Yamaha Fascino with
  • Free Extended Warranty.
  • All Accessories worth Rs 3995 Free.
  • Rs 4000 of Paytm Cashback.
  • Additional AutoGenius Cash Discount.
All in, we made an offer Mr. Raut just couldn’t refuse. He received an amazing deal among the usual buyers and with our guidance he also made the right choice in the first time. To our service he rated a full 5 start on google and mentioned that he was super happy. Well that is what makes us super happy.
We at AutoGenius are most famous for our checks so we conducted a PDI ( Pre delivery inspection ) with our 222 point checks, made sure everything is just perfect, every screw to screw and after our approval the bike was then given to our customer.
If you too are looking to buy any new vehicle be it any bike or any car. We will do our best to help you choose the right one. Here’s the no. to contact us 8007500740. If you are waiting for us to contact you fill in our Car & Bike Questionnaire by clicking on the below links and we will contact you at the earliest.

Bike Questionnaire

Car Questionnaire

Here are the pics of the delivery of the Yamaha Fascino.
  • Autogenius yamaha fascino ghanshyam raut


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