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Lamborghini & MIT To Debut New Hybrid Supercar Concept On 6th November.

Lamborghini released a teaser of what it’s calling the ” vision for the Hybrid supercar of the future.” The new concept will debut on 6th November 2017 in a partnership with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
Showing a preview image on its Instagram account that reveals the front end of a new sports car, Lamborghini said the model was created in collaboration with the MIT.

Non-Traditional Batteries To Boost Performance;

           There’s buzz that it might employ a nontraditional type of battery to boost performance. MIT is, after all, working on solid-state lithium batteries with greater energy density and perhaps a lower failure rate. ” More energy density could mean either lower weight per unit or greater energy storage overall. Both would be excellent attributes for a high-performance Lamborghini. “

Lamborghini & Ferrari Not Planning To Develop All-Electric Cars Yet ;

Lamborghini & Ferrari No Plans to Develop All Electric cars Yet Autogenius

                  The world is recently going ga-ga over electric cars, which is almost like a wave in the auto industry. Many international automakers have ambitiously set goals for it saying that they will electrify the entire lineup by 2022. However, under such a massive drive for electric cars, Lamborghini and Ferrari have stated they are not yet planning to make wholly electric cars.
This report was confirmed at the Frankfurt Motor Show when the executives of Lamborghini and Ferrari spoke to the media about it. Michael Leiters, the chief technology officer at Ferrari said that ” it is not possible to develop a completely electric sports car given the limitations of technology that still exists. There is also a need to more innovation and more time to develop an electric car that would be at par with the conventional combustion sports car in the performance and luxury department.”
The drive for electric cars even in the super sports segment is still far. At the most, the companies might invest finance and energy in developing hybrid sports cars, but that too would be around 5 years down the line.


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