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Mr. & Mrs. Chede’s Hyundai i20 Active Sx Crdi

When you are good and honest to others, you tend to get all the goodies of the goodness back. Some call it karma and some destiny. At AutoGenius we are getting into a habit of making impossible things possible. Here’s one such story of our very good customers and the Hyundai I20 Active SX we choose for them.
Lata and Anil Chede our customer at AutoGenius enrolled in our service of new car consultation. It is going to be our first car they said, so we want the best one. Which one amongst the crossover would be the best buy, Akshay?
I as usual said it all depends on your needs and requirements. Just imagine that I am gonna make a car for you and let me know whatever you want in your car. I will jot down all the points and test each car to see which one would suit you the best. They simply agreed.
We arranged a meet at Starbucks Coffee and began discussing requirements with every sip of coffee. It’s a fun time for all our customers with us. We make sure we all enjoy and technical details are as easy as possible to digest.  

Their Requirements:

  • Stellar Reliability & Build Quality.
  • Good Performance
  • Lowest NVH (Noise Vibrations and Harshness)
  • A practical diesel
  • Crossover.
  • Good Music System
  • Darker Interiors
  • All safety features such as the ABS, Airbags (driver and passenger)
  • Reverse parking sensors with camera
  • Auto-folding OVRM’s
  • Car for a Long tenure (10+ years)
  • Price ranging 11 Lakhs.
A car that stands by you and doesn’t feel outdated for a period of 10 years, as AutoGenius it really makes us choose the best. It has be a perfect blend of Timeless design, modern features, excellent build quality and reliability.

Options open to discussions were:

*Ford EcoSport.
*Hyundai I20 Active.
*Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza.
*Honda WRV


Each one of the competitors is high on sales and reflect individuality. To drive they have distinctive driving characteristics. Here’s where we as AutoGenius help you choose the best one. Had my customer’s requirements been a little different we would have chosen a different car. We believe in being the best matchmakers between a Car & Man. So we do our very best to make sure our customer chooses the right one.


Maruti Brezza:

A fun to drive car, low-end torque on the lower side makes it easy to drive in the city traffic. But this also means it’s not fun to drive in the city as much as it is on the highways. Though darker interiors did hit the mark of our customer’s requirements the Higher NVH levels didn’t. So we had to drop it off our selection list.

Honda WRV:

The only car in the segment to sport a sunroof. It adds a wow factor to the majority. However, the diesel engine from Earth dreams still doesn’t do justice to the car. The result, inadequate NVH levels. The car also looks great from the front and sides, however, we aren’t that very sure about the rear looks of the car. Honda I-vtec’s have been phenomenal, had petrol been a choice of our customers we would have still considered the option. I guess it’s clear by now that we dropped the Honda WRV too.

Next up were 2 interesting cars. The Ford Eco Sport and the Hyundai I20 Active.

Fords have gained the title of being the best handlers after BMW’s. Which is quite an achievement, all enthusiasts surely feel the same about cars from Ford. Now since Ford has also started advertising on being one of the best in service and maintenance costs. The game has reached its next level to which the Hyundai’s are fighting with more features. We went on to drive both the cars to see how comfortable and practical they are for my customers.

Ford Eco Sport:

We had our eyes on the Titanium variant as getting anything lesser would mean compromising on lot of features, which we didn’t want to. I began the drive with Mr. Chede’s family started explaining each feature with respect to their requirement.
For all those who don’t know abt this, we provide a personalized review on how each car suit you and your requirements. Along with the maintenance costs for the next 2 -3 years. Which parts of the cars are more prone to failure and need attention.
While we loved the reclineable seats and the build quality, the dashboard now seemed too old, also no touchscreen and lack of few features made it looked atleast a year or two behind as compared to the competition. To drive it was fun, the 99bhp 205Nm torque engine makes the drive smile all the way from the first gear to its last. With our strong network throughout the dealerships, we knew we would surely get the best deal. I swopped steering wheel with Mr. Chede to see how comfortable he is driving the EcoSport. As this is very important for the car to get adjusted to someone’s driving rather than the individual adapting and learning the traits of the car.
Mr. Chede did just fine, the car was easy to drive according to him, however his family at the back seats weren’t too happy. The New Ecosport is also to be launched very soon and it didn’t make sense in investing in the current one as it would get hit by depreciation almost immediately. So with that concluded we moved onto our next car.

Hyundai I20 Active Sx:

We went on to multiple showrooms but the I20 Active diesel SX wasn’t available for test drives as Hyundai had promotion planned for that weekend. We searched for multiple showrooms and yet couldn’t find one. Kaha jaata hai “Sabar ka phal meetha hota hai”, well it is hard to disagree on this one liner. We traveled all the way to Kalyani Nagar from Hadapsar Solapur Road and requested a sales consultant working at Hyundai to arrange the car for our test drives. To our luck, he did manage to.
I took Mr & Mrs. Chede on the drive followed by asking Mr. Chede to drive to check his comfortability with the car. The drive was noted to be quite easy to drive as compared to the Eco sport. Driving the cars back to back does help in judging the better one. The SX diesel also came with more features than needed and so was the best buy.
The Hyundai I20 Active, Elantra and the Creta are cars wherein the discounts offered are very low or almost none in comparison to other Hyundai cars. However there’s always that special price for AutoGenius customers.
So spoke to the dealership for the best price and the best deal & after a lot of hard work into finalizing the deal.

Here’s what we could get for our customer:

  • 40,000 cash discount

  • Floor Lamination

  • Under Body coat

  • Full Body Waxing

  • Floor Mattings & Mud Flaps.

Now it was one of the best deals and a green signal from our end. We also conducted a PDI ( Pre-delivery Inspection) on the car to make sure every part made and assembled is to its perfection.  


Here are the pictures of the car’s delivery:
  • Autogenius hyundai i20 active sx 1
If you are ever confused in choosing the best one & want the best deal on your purchase. We are there for you.

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  1. Congratulations Akshay & team of Autogenius… you did meticulous analysis of vehicals and the customer requirements.. and suggested best car.. I am sure you are going to make your clients very happy with your suggestions.. I am looking one for me as well… through Autogenius.. 👍

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