New Car Consultation

Want to purchase a new car and confused with the options available, get an opportunity to meet our Director and get all your queries solved within a day.

Here's How it works:-

Step 1:

Fill in our car questionnaire.

Step 2:

Get your appointment fixed with the Director of AutoGenius Pvt. Ltd.

Step 3: 

Our Director will analyse your requirements and then take you out on test drives to clear the confusions and check what suits your requirement the best.

Step 4:

We suggest the best suitable car and also speak with the showrooms to help you get the best deal.


Why New Car Consultation ?

We conducted a research recently which made us understand -

Within a few months of purchasing a brand new car people sell off their cars for one of the following reasons:-

  • They aren’t happy with the way the car drives.

  • They never knew maintenance and service costs of the car could be so expensive.

  • They purchased the cars just coz they were under the influence of the salesman.

  • They purchased the car coz a friend/ family member suggested.

  • They had eyes on a car but the sales person of that brand didn’t sound convincing enough or was irritating and hence ended up with a different car.

Even though it’s a few month old car, there's too much hassle in selling it..

  •  The seller needs to give out advertisements on websites,

    attend calls from random irritating people.

  •  Giving it to the dealer results in damaging the car coz anyone can drive it rough

    and spoil the condition of the car, adding it to the maintenance of the car.

  •  Loss of almost a lakh or more in depreciation.

  • Charges of dealer commissions.


All this can simply be solved by choosing the perfect car the first time...


At AutoGenius we believe Every Car has a Personality of its own, very similar to a person.
A car that’s good for one may not be equally good for the other.


For us great isn’t just good enough.

We see being great at something as a starting point, not an endpoint.


We have mastered the skill of understanding people and their driving patterns,

It is because We Understand that quality of a Man & a Machine,

We are able to suggest the perfect one for your needs...


Get to know which car is the perfect car for you and why....

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