Pre-Launch / Prototype Testing

We are the best at Testing Automobiles to perfection and helping Automobile manufacturers to make automotives that out perform each and every competitor in the market and that fulfills every customer requirements. We help them lead the automobile industry with the manufacturing of quality products.

Many Automobiles are disliked by customer’s coz of the driving behavior, quality of materials used, stability of the vehicle at high speeds and lack of comfort.

Since we are the closest to the customers we understand their needs the best, we exactly know what they are looking for in a car, we give the opportunity to automobiles manufacturers to appoint us as test drivers, wherein we test every aspect of the prototype vehicle & pre-launch vehicle. We advice the necessary changes to get their automobiles closest to perfection.



  • Reduce the no. of recalls the vehicle goes through.
  • Accelerate the No. of sales as our strong customer base is in favor coz the automobiles are made with a customer’s ideology.
  • Minimal cost contract. (Weekly/Monthly/yearly).
  • We test automobiles to perfection with our expertise in testing automobiles every day.



Huge savings for the Manufacturer in terms of:

  • The manufacturer can save on wages of test drivers/ testing technicians.
  • Savings in expenses occurred due to recalls.
  • With our company testing automobiles pre-launch, manufacturers can make the necessary changes in time and save on unexpected expenses due to faulty parts.
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We Test Automotives To Perfection