Mahindra XUV 500 w8 Autogenius Sagar shinde

Sagar Shinde Sir of Gurukul Engineering Classes gets a Mahindra Xuv 500 W8 from AutoGenius

This blog and this customer is a very special one.  Mr. Sagar Shinde Sir is a very famous personality who excels in teaching Mechanical engineering subjects through his classes Gurukul Engineering and makes every student a master in engineering subjects he teaches. Its the place where I learnt my basics at. With our posts on Facebook and website happening daily, we were successful in getting Sir’s attention, when he needed a car, I feel lucky to say, we were the one remembered. We were requested to meet and discuss car requirements for Sir and his family.
To many, including me, Sagar Sir has been a role model for achieving success in the early years of life and his fundamentals of enjoying life the way it has to be is definitely what makes his students admire him.
We believed It a payback time, to get a car just so wonderful just as his teachings to the one who taught us engineering, and to prove we have taken the NEVER GIVE UP engineering lessons and implemented them successfully in our life.
Getting the best car for Shinde Sir means a lot to us,  and so did we buy getting the best XUV 500 W8 we tested till date.

Sagar Shinde Sir’s Requirements:

  • Practical Diesel car
  • 7 seater
  • More Ground Clearance
  • More Torque
  • Smooth and a refined engine
  • Tenure planned: 5+ years
  • lower NVH levels
  • Resale Value: High
  • km done: less than 50000 kms
  • Body type: SUV’s and Crossover’s preferred
  • 1st owner
  • MH 12/14 passing
  • lighter steering with stiffer suspension setup 
  • white colour preferred
  • Price Completely dependant on the choice of car.

Our search began with shortlisting premium cars such as the :

  • Ford Endeavor
  • Mahindra Xuv 500
  • Audi Q7
  • Audi Q3
  • BMW X1
  • Toyota Innova Crysta 
  • Toyota Fortuner
With our engineers shortlisting the best of the best cars the very first example we came across:


An amazing crossover, 5 seater practicality with huge boot space for travellers, hefty torque from the diesel motor, impressive high-speed stability and on par mileage figures. That signifies why BMW calls X1 by the name “JOY”.
Shinde Sir was too happy and impressed with the acceleration of the car. The smile he had after the drive was the same one would have after enjoying a roller coaster ride at Essel world or Imagica. 
Watching him enjoy the drive made our day. 
  • Autogenius BMW X1
We even tested a Brand New Hyundai I20 Active the same day, but it came out to feel pale and dull after the drive of X1. So we were requested to test more cars some other day as the memories of drive in the X1 were just unforgettable.
One primary reason Sir always wanted a 7 seater was to enjoy the long drives with his family and friends together and also to let his daughter sleep in the car without any hassles. But mind it, Sir also plans to use this car for city commutes at least twice or thrice in a week. Also to note, Sagar Sir loves to drive cars himself rather than being Chauffer driven. So it had to be easy to drive car that can be manoeuvred throughout the city traffic.
So our team at AutoGenius started shortlisting and testing 7 seater cars back to back.
We tested about 17 cars in total which included the Ford Endeavor, a few Innova Crysta’s and the Mahindra Xuv 500’s.
Of all the above, Sir has a special thing for the Xuv 500. So we tested almost every Xuv 500 available in Pune to get the best one.
Meanwhile, A friend of Sir had recommended a 2016 Honda Mobilio S I-vtec done only 12000 kms. So we went on to test that car too. The car was surprisingly very good in condition. But Mobilio has been off the shelf due to its non-appealing design and the entry of Honda’s Brv. So the car’s been hit by its resale value. Furthermore, petrol on the 7 seater means lesser fuel economy as compared to a diesel car. That hardly mattered here in the situation of Sagar Sir, so we had still shortlisted the car. The asking price was just too as compared to the market price of Mobilio and hence purchasing it never made sense considering there were other value for money options easily available.
Usually, cars like the Toyota Fortuner, Innova and the Mahindra Xuv 500 are heavily driven. Finding a very clean less driven example is a very rare and tedious task. We were extremely lucky to find a White Coloured 2015 Xuv 500 W8 variant done just 16800 kms available for sale. Surprised and excited for this car most of all the other ones we tested, We rushed immediately and I personally got the car checked. And I just have one word to say ‘Amazing’.
Got the service history checked and the car came all clean. No accidental claims, all genuine kilometre reading and full insurance available until the end of December 2018.
Sagar Sir and his colleagues loved the car too, so it was a complete GO – GO situation. We took a day’s time to manage the funds a got the car’s delivered scheduled for the next day.
An entire night of restlessness and excitement passed by as we had to reach early morning for collecting the car and getting it added to our AutoGenius family.

Here’s the Xuv 500 we go for our dear Sagar Shinde Sir:

  • Mahindra XUV 500 w8 Autogenius
We got the W8 variant which features all the following in addition to Sir’s above requirements:
  • 6 Airbags
  • Abs
  • Hill Assist
  • Fuel Saving Start Stop
  • All Alloy wheels
  • Touchscreen and Navigation unit
  • Electrically foldable and Adjustable Ovrm’s (mirrors)
  • A 140 bhp M-hawk engine
  • Reverse parking sensors with camera
  • Auto climate Control AC


Pictures from the delivery of the car:

  • Mahindra XUV 500 w8 Autogenius Sagar shinde

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