Hey There, 

From your Busy Schedule, if you are searching for a car since a long time and felt like you haven't found the right car at the right price & you are not sure if the car is technically reliable 

Here are 3 Hassle Free steps to get your most awaited car. 


Step 1: Call AutoGenius and schedule an appointment.

Step 2: Personalized consultation - Get to know which car suits your requirements the most.

               # our engineers will start searching for cars exclusively for your requirements

               #cars will be filtered through 238 points check (only 20% cars pass through this testing)

Step 3: On a specified day -you will see best-shortlisted cars  & you decide which one you loved the most

               #The car that you have liked the most will be again tested right in front of you

Step 4: With our car buying expertise you and we will together negotiate with the owner -to get that car at the best price

Simply Relax – Focus On Your Family & Work

Experts Will Search Cars For You

100% Inspected & Verified

Best Price in The Market


Cars that are maintained beautifully well and accident free are difficult to find.

Its a hassle to search cars over olx, quikr and other websites, go to each seller/dealer test cars , return home without finding a good car and then trying the same the next day until you find a good car.

We Give you an opportunity to focus on your work and you can leave the car finding responsibility on us...

 If you are someone busy in a corporate life or don't have time out of your work to go out and search cars yourself,

Don't worry you have us...

At Autogenius you can simply ask us to find the perfectly suitable car according to your requirements. 

We will do all the work of finding the car as well as testing it for you.


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