Used / Pre-Owned Car Testing

If You have shortlisted a few Pre-owned cars & want to get each car tested before buying one!!!!

You are at the right place.


It is value for money buying a Pre- Owned car.

  • You get great car at almost half the price or even lesser.

  • Very low emi even if you consider on buying it on a loan.

  • No expense of the initial car registration and road tax.

  • Bargaining with the seller can grant you a sweet deal.


It's only value for money when you get a car that's perfectly maintained.

So we test and help you find such cars.

We be with you the whole day and analyse your requirements while testing every car the way you want it.


We Perform a 238 checkpoint test on the car you finalize as per the Automotive Quality Standards.


Any Car that passes our test is a definite worth buy.

 Our proud customers are able to drive cars tested by us, worry free and with complete sense of confidence in their cars.

Be one of them

  • AutoGenius -SX4