Vinay Kulkarni gets a BMW 320d from AutoGenius.

BMW in Motorsport and among Motoring enthusiast’s these 3 letters get fans hearts racing. Those looking for a pure drivers car feel at home with BMW. Such is the case with our client Vinay Kulkarni a driving enthusiast who kept a BMW wallpaper for 2 years. As the saying goesAsk, and it shall be given to you.
We at AutoGenius love cars and more so we love our clients who share our passion. Mr. Vinay shares our love for cars and is a car fanatic driving his Honda Civic at 180 kmph along the Western Express way keeping his grip on the steering wheel with one hand and taking a photo from his phone from the other. A BMW is the way to go with its precise handling and immense road grip.
  • Budget : 28 Lakhs to 30 lakhs
  • Monthly travel : 8k – 10k km.
  • Sedan
  • Excellent Lumbar Support
  • Family Comfort
  • Maximum km done : 30k
  • Current Gen Looks.
  • High Speed Stability
  • NVH lowest
  • Tenure : 5 yrs.
  • Resale Value : High
  • Color: White, Silver, Brown
Cars Shortlisted : Audi A6 Quattro AWD, BMW GT, BMW 320 d.


  • Vinay_Kulkarni_Audi
Audi A6 Quattro AWD: If ever you want to feel the acceleration of a Rally car. Please try an A6 Quattro,  Although the one we tested was a little rough around the edges and had done 38k kms, so we opted to test the next car on the list.
BMW GT: is absolutely stunning to look at and you could get a used one for 38L or even a brand new one for 42 L a test drive car done 9k kms its a bargain considering a new GT cost as much as 57,61,520
BMW 320d : A Sports line with red and black interiors done only 3500 km within our price bracket seemed to good to be true and as it always is with AutoGenius. The car has amazing Grip, it is like a lizard on a wall. Giving you the level of confidence you wont find in ordinary cars. Other features include a Tiptronic 8 speed gearbox the only one of its kind in its class which means you can drive your car in fully automatic or switch over to manual. The idrive infotainment system is unbeatable even today. Dual zone A/C vents so each passenger can set the right temp for himself, DRLs, Runflat tyres (RFT) you can drive 80 – 100 km even if your tire gets punctured and an amazing acceleration from the twin turbo diesel motor that makes you smile.
Below are the pictures of BMW 320d
  • Vinay Kulkarni Autogenius BMW 320d

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