Vivek Saxena get’s a Ford Figo titanium

Can a car be something more than just a tool to get from point A to B for a family?
I know you’re busy and getting anywhere fast is probably all you really care about and your options are limitless. Right from uber, ola to every possible public and private transit.
So why spend a premium to get a car?
Our client Mr Vivek Saxena has a 6-month-old daughter, in my mind babies are like saplings they need to be cared for till they grow up. A house with even basic amenities can provide security for any baby, however outside such is not the case. Ther’s no denying our country is densely populated and same is the case with our transport lifelines. Bikes can get you anywhere fast but imagine the amount of dust and heat that surrounds you, definitely not ideal for a baby. On contrary, a car is like a cradle it is cosy, keeps you safe from the elements and all at your convenience.
So the search for an ideal car for Mr Vivek Saxena begins with the following requirements:
  • Budget: 2.3L
  • Tenure: 5 years
  • Kms did: 60k
  • Top Speed: 100kmph
  • Suspension: Medium to Comfort
  • Resale Value: High
  • Features: All 4 Pwr Windows, Good Music System, Seat Height Adjustment, Fog Lamps
  • Easy to drive
  • legroom (more preferred)
  • Colors: Grey, Blue, White, Silver, Brown.
  • Maintainance cost: Moderate
  • Status Symbol: Good
  • 1st owner preferred
  • dislikes: Tata, Fiat, Chevrolet
We search a lot of cars for our customers until we find the best deal. Following are some of the cars we looked at whilst searching the best car for Mr Vivek Saxena:
Hyundai i10, Maruti Suzuki Sx4, Nissan Micra, Ford Figo
The first car we shortlisted a Red Hyundai I10 had scratches on it, an undesirable trait in Autogenius’s books. So we moved over to another Hyundai I10 this time a Grey one which did 65k kms and cost’s 2.5L a good deal sure since the car’s condition is good but we’re always looking for more to give our customers.
  • Vivek Saxena I10_Autogenius_


So our team or relentless researchers found a 2012 Nissan Micra XV premium which is the top end variant that Nissan offers, Features include electronically adjustable Mirrors, Climate Control, Steering Controls, and Alloy wheels. A good offer sure, but we choose the cars that are best for our clients and Nissan’s service center is far away from his residence is a deal breaker indeed.
If you are on a budget and want a bigger car you could get a Maruti Suzuki Sx4 ( prior to 2010). A spacious sedan with a decent status symbol, however, its heavy steering and large size demand for an experienced driver.
So ultimately the car that we did buy a  Red Ford Figo titanium with ABS, Airbags, did 29k kms. Tis very easy to drive the car. Provides comfort for the family and is great VFM. Needless to say it checks all boxes on our requirement list and will serve the family for years to come.



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