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Got a Pre – Worshipped Honda Civic with our 238 point Checklist Manual

Our Customer Mr. Tilakraj Patil was in a search of a quality Pre-owned car for a long time but was worried coz in the used car market “jaisa dikhta hai waisa hota nahi”. He saw our posts and contacted us through Facebook, as he was being busy with the corporate life culture he asked us to search and test the best possible car for him. We started with analyzing his requirements about the car he would love to spend time with. Keeping his needs in our mind, we shortlisted a few cars that would suit his personality and style. We suggested cars of 4 brands to our customer and we were happy to know that Mr. Patil was keenly interested in Honda’s. We made him the happiest when got him a Honda Civic with 238 point certification. Here’s how…

Our search for a Honda sedan began, we visited as many individual and dealers possible, to find clean Honda City and Civics. I must mention there are a lot of Honda City’s and Civic’s available for sale, right from close to 2 lacs+ but the quality issues and work to be done on these cars are M A J O R. There’s a reason behind them going so cheap.

We Tested:

  • 3 Honda City ZX Annievarsary Edition ( Vtec PLUS)
  • 4 Honda City I-vtec’s
  • 6 Honda Civics

But none were up to the mark of referring it to Mr. Patil, Meanwhile our customer visited a dealer and found a Good Conditioned, well maintained Ford Fiesta and requested us to test it for him. We visited the dealer got the car tested with our 238 checkpoints. It was a ford fiesta 1.6 Classic with Abs manufactured in 2012 and with complete service history and done 43k on its odo. The car Rated 9/10 on our scale of testing it. The next morning we got the news from the dealer that the Car Owner sold his car himself to a family relative.

Our search for the perfectly maintained car continued until we found a Honda Civic that was not listed on any websites like the olx, quikr, carwale, cardekho as yet. We started performing all the possible tests on the car and were happy to see the car faring well. It was the Honda Civic 1.8 SMT with complete leather interiors & chrome handle bars, the usual characteristics of the Honda Civic 1.8 V variant.  The car was in extremely neat and clean condition, it was the kind of car that we would have bought for ourselves…

But the dealer quoted a heavy price, which turned down the deal.

Our search Continued until the next morning, the same dealer called and informed us about a new Honda City I-vtec that had arrived just an hour ago.  We visited the dealer immediately and saw the car, it was a beautiful Honda City I-vtec in the Urban Titanium colour. The car had done 79k genuine Kms but was a second owner car, which was a turn off, as our client was only considering single owner history car. Considering the price at which the dealer was ready to sell the car and with the way it was maintained, the car was a any-day worth buy. As usual sent whatsapp pictures to Mr. Patil, he being heavily impressed with the way the car was maintained thought of paying a visit to see the car himself.

We tested the car in & out with our checklist and the car was rated 8.2/10. Now with some serious thought of purchasing the car, our client now had his eyes on the Honda Civic 1.8 S we had tested yesterday. The car was gleaming in its Alabaster Silver colour. It was really the kind of car no one could miss noticing it. It was pretty late that evening hence we decided to meet the next morning and getting the car tested. Before leaving we noted the chassis and engine no. of the vehicle.

It was difficult to sleep that night, waiting for the morning to rise ASAP so that I could have my hands on the Honda civic testing it and likewise Mr. Patil was curious to know how the car would fare to our 238 checkpoint tests. Thinking about the car I managed to sleep for a few hours and it was morning time.

The first thing we started off was with going to service centre and checking the complete service history of the vehicle. We checked for every spare parts that were changed during service, accidental damages if any, if all the information about the owner details matched the records. To aid our luck the car came clean. It was a genuine 47k kms done serviced just 10 days prior. Just FYI the owner had taken care of the vehicle beautifully, every service was made at the same service station and it even included minor details as the pest control from Honda.

Reached the dealer asap and informed Mr. Patil to reach at the earliest. Began testing the Honda Civic with our 238 point checklist, tested all these points in front of our client while educating him about all the features and every aspect of the car. It fared a 9.4/ 10, its rare scenario to see cars that are maintained so well. Now it was only the price that was delaying Mr. Patil from getting the car home. All these used car dealers usually offer discounts up to 20k. That’s the standard they follow I believe. The price was still out of brackets thereby we spoke to the owner of the dealership directly, He in turn spoke to the owner of the car and with our convincing skills we got the discounts done to 55k. It was a huge bargain and now the car was worth every rupee, a complete value for money deal and that’s when we finalized the deal.

The car came to us with 6 months Engine & gearbox warranty from the dealer.

  • A brand New Amaron Battery
  • ALL 4 New Continental MC-5 tyres. Each Tyre costing a min. of Rs.5100.
  • Complete car wax polishing and coating.
  • And lots of happiness.

Submitted a complete report of the car with the 238 point checklist to Mr. Patil along with things to be done in the car during the next service.

We mean what we say about doing extra for our customers, while getting the car delivered we celebrated Honda Civic’s arrival in a new family by getting a Cake as a surprise for our customers.


The pictures are as follows:

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