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Sandeep Jadhav’s Hyundai Elite i20 Sportz CRDi

With customer database and tie ups increasing and we planning to scale our business, our Brand Ambassador Shubham Mehta has taken a valuable effort in increasing tie ups with the driving schools helping us help our new customer Mr. Sandeep Jadhav.
Sandeep approached us with his near & dear friend Shrikant for our service of new car consultation.
At AutoGenius we analyse the customer requirements at top priority, we understand what it means for a person to invest 30+% of his salary every month for almost 5 years. (That’s 60 Months). So choosing the right car at the first time matters. I personally met Sandeep and Shrikant and was keen to know what their requirement would be from a car that could keep their families happy for a long term.
There are a plenty of cars in the market in every range and we choose the Hyundai i20 elite Sportz CDRi for a reason. Knocking out Tata Tigor, Maruti Suzuki Dzire, Hyundai I20 Petrol and The Maruti Suzuki Baleno.
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We believe in match making at its best and to us our customer being happy and remembering us years after matters. Since every customer has different choices, needs and requirements it is AutoGenius that helps you make the right choice.

Here are Sandeep’s Requirements:

  • New Car
  • Price : 6 to 8 Lakhs
  • Choice of Brands: 1) Maruti Suzuki           2) Hyundai           3) Tata
  • Top speed : 140 kmph
  • Features that matter the most :
  • ABS , EBD ,  Parking Sensors , Rear View Camera ,  Rear AC Vents
  • Low NVH Levels            Very Good Legroom                 Easy To Drive and Learn On
  • Very Good Exterior & Interior Looks
  • Mileage: 16+ kmpl
  • Long term Investment
  • Should Feel Premium


With this we started analysing Sandeep’s primary requirements, spent time with him to understand him as a person and the choices he makes and the reason behind he taking the decision to purchase a car now.
The next step was to take Sandeep out on testing all these cars, so that he could start making out differences between each of them. We started with Testing the Tata Tigor just coz the showroom was the nearest, Now the Tigor is a great car and definitely scores higher on the VFM characteristics but with 5 people on board the throttle response and rear seating space didn’t match Sandeep’s frequency and with NVH levels being higher for the 3 cylinder engine the Tigor got knocked down immediately after the test.
The next car we approached was the all new Maruti Suzuki Dzire. It is stylish, looks European, comes with AMT which is a blessing in city traffic, Maruti’s wide network of after sales service, Low NVH levels and with thermoplastic front and rear bumpers that get to its original shape even after a hit. Now that’s a wow factor created. The new Dzire also handles well. We tested the Dzire’s cornering abilities at 120 kmph on a thin road and with 5 people on board we were amazed to see how good the Dzire managed the turn. The interiors though felt a class below its rivals but we definitely had to shortlist the Dzire Petrol AMT.  We later thought of testing the Dzire DDiS (Diesel) but the NVH levels within the cabin weren’t as damped as the Ciaz’s and this was the reason behind rejecting the Dzire diesel. Then there was also the 2 month wait period to think about.
Next up is the Hyundai Showroom where a class leading premium hatchback awaited us. We visited the showroom and immediately asked for a test drive of the Hyundai i20. The petrol was made available and we went out for a test. Usually we test first and then allow our customers to test it later so that we could judge how comfortable is our customer driving it. With Sandeep just learnt to drive he trusted our judgments and asked us to convey our finding for him. The i20 made Sandeep smile, he also mentioned it is his wife’s favourite car. Now all those who know Hyundai petrol’s are good but the diesels are the best in class. So we thought of asking for a test drive of the i20 diesel, sadly the car wasn’t available and in turn kept us waiting till the next day.
I had spent enough time in understanding Sandeep as a person and how his choices were different than others. The next day I met him, I had another opportunity to know him and I did exactly. We went on to test the i20 diesel and the Baleno on a longer test drives. The amount of bookings Baleno has, it kind of speaks for itself, while we loved the Baleno petrol we equally hated the Baleno diesel for its NVH levels. Speaking for Baleno Petrol I personally liked the engine tune it is just so sporty but that was not something Sandeep was after. The MID in the Baleno offers the most information of all the cars in its class but majority of it is just to keep the driver amused and not of any practical use. However we really appreciate Maruti’s effort in doing something extra than the competition. One thing which struck Sandeep’s mind and he wasn’t too happy about was the turning radius of the Baleno.
It is now time for us to reach out to the final car of the shortlisted, the Hyundai Elite i20 diesel. The test drive experience was amazing it just felt great, the car has good power, lower NVH levels, rear Ac and almost everything that Sandeep always wanted.  So we placed the car in the top list of our shortly shortlisted cars. (Quite a tongue twister isn’t it).
If you pay close attention and have always been following cars you are one of the first one to notice the difference between features of Sportz and Asta variants of the newer i20’s. This has been a smart move from Hyundai to reduce the price of the Sportz variant and to offer lesser features that the earlier generation i20 Sportz. This change has made effect from Mid-March 2017. So in case you plan to buy the all new Hyundai I20 Sportz there’s a whole lot that you are going to miss on.
Feature list
Hyundai i20 Pre March 2017
Hyundai i20 Post March 2017
Auto climate control Ac
Rear Parking Sensors
Reverse Camera
Tilt & telescopic steering
Passenger air bag


That’s just not it, now there are 3 variants in the top end model Asta namely the Asta, Asta Dual and Asta (O). Earlier generation Asta model also had diamond cut alloy now post March 2017 the Asta gets Steel Style rims and not alloys.
Would you consider yourself very lucky if you were to get the car manufactured in 2017 in between the months of January to March? Oh sure you would, well after conveying all this information to Sandeep he was just so happy he chose us in helping him find the right car. He strongly felt there’s no one who could have told him this. The showroom guys not for sure. So I began my search throughout the city if we are to get a Hyundai i20 diesel manufactured within Jan to March. And in white or silver colour. With my team and Sandeep also searching the car at the best price possible throughout the city we knew nothing is impossible.
It was Sandeep who found the car and asked us to visit the showroom. We had a word with the sales Manager and his complete team about our company and the next day we visited their stock yard to perform a PDi ( Pre Delivery Inspection) of the car. To his luck the car came in clean and was really worth purchasing after testing all its points. With our negotiation skills we managed getting the i20 diesel Sportz for the best possible price with accessories and Sandeep was happy. Whilst delivery we also checked the car once again with our 238 point checklist just to ensure all parts and accessories were a perfect fit.


Here’s are the pics of the delivery time.

  • AutoGenius Hyundai elite i20 diesel crdi sportz


Now this is a personalized review of how and what Sandeep felt about the cars and how good were the cars to Sandeep’s requirements. If you have different choice we will select a different car for you. To find which car suits you the best, click on this link fill in your requirements and we will do our best to help you in choosing the correct one or you can simply contact us on 8007500740.


AutoGenius Hyundai elite i20 diesel crdi sportz

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