Omkar Wangikar Honda City VMT Autogenius

Omkar Wangikar gets a plush Honda City VMT

Omkar Wangikar an advocate from MIT in search for a pre owned car with the following requirements :


  • Tenure: 2 – 3 yrs.
  • Mileage: 15+ km.
  • Price 2 L
  • More Legroom
  • No. of Drivers: 2
  • Seat height adjustments
  • Good Tyres
  • Music Systems
  • NVH levels Medium
  • Year Of Passing:> 2010
  • No. Of Owners : 1-2
  • Full Insurance
  • MH 09,10,12,14 Passing
  • Resale Value: Medium
  • Color: White, Black, Silver, Grey, Orange
Cars Recommended: Ford Figo, Volkswagen Polo, Hyundai i10, Maruti Suzuki Ritz, Maruti Suzuki Swift, Fiat Punto, Honda City
Anyone who comes to AutoGenius has a hazy idea of what one really wants. Before meeting AutoGenius Mr. Omkar was just looking for a Figo diesel. He has never thought of what he really wants from a car & what actually the car has to offer him.
When we meet customers, we simply ask them:
Imagine as  if we are making a car for you and tell us what you want from the car ?
This 1st step of our work is the Game Changer we select the best cars according to their actual needs, Cars which will serve them the best.
Mr. Omkar’s favorite car of the bunch is Volkswagen Polo however no good examples were found at that time, so we upped the budget to about 3.5 – 4L. We searched 20+ cars till we felt complacent. 23rd car we stumbelled upon a Honda City VMT, Silver with White Interiors, ABS done 31k km. We went on a drive it checked a lot of boxes on the car to buy but what happend next pushed us to actually buying it, We turned on the radio and music filled our ears

Koi mil gaya koi mil gaya
Mera dil gaya mera dil gaya
Kya bataoon yaaron
Kya bataoon yaaron
O main to hil gaya
Main to hil gaya
Koi mil gaya mil hi gaya
Mil gaya hey
Mil hi gaya mil gaya

Overjoyed and looking at Omkar’s wonky hair it was as if the car was looking for an owner and has found the right one.
The car passed 237 checkpoints  A/C gas gets a top up. We captured a discount of 65k then the market value.
  • Omkar Wangikar Honda City VMT Autogenius

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