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The Director of SIL Mr. Sanjay Shah gets a Mercedes E 220d

Dealing with Director of companies is awesome, their Aura is magnetic and decisions are so dynamic that it makes me feel if every client of mine was a director, working as AutoGenius would be just so much fun. Another thing about them is that they are very particular about what they want in their cars and have little to no confusion.


Mr. Sanjay Shah’s Requirements:

  • Sedan
  • Practical car
  • Price 60 lakh ±5 lakhs
  • If an SUV then a 70 lakh capping.
  • Daily 50 Kms.
  • 90 % chauffeur driven
  • Majority trips to Mumbai ( 180 Kms @ a stretch drive)
  • More priority to Comfort as compared to High-speed stability and sportiness
  • Trunk opening sensors
  • Remote Parking
  • More Legroom
  • Recliner Rear seats
  • A car that carries a status badge.
  • Niggles free.

Options open to our discussions were:

  • Mercedes Benz E 220 d
  • Mercedes Benz E 350 d
  • BMW 520d Luxury Line
  • Range Rover Evoque
  • Audi A6
  • Mercedes Benz GL E
  • Mercedes Benz GL S
With Premium cars everything is to its next level, be it NVH level or the plush interior cabin, the driver comfort, the back seat luxury to enjoy leisure and almost everything.  But there’s just one to hit the mark and match the customer’s unique requirements to its best.
Earlier until last year, it was pretty easy to choose the best one among the brands, it was easy and predictable as BMW stood for more sportiness, Mercedes for Luxury, Audi’s for a mixture of everything, Jaguars for Design. But this year everything has changed as the brand cars are more of a mixture, BMW has started offering more luxury and also a boot well that includes a spare tire, something they never did in the past.  Cars from Mercedes have a sportier exhaust and interiors. No boot well so a spare tire that kills the trunk space and so on & on. I am sure you get my point by now. Most importantly, choosing the best one after paying close to 70 lakhs matters. Especially when your plan is to keep the car for at least 5 years.
So we at AutoGenius tried our best to know each and every requirement and suggest a car to match them all.


Here’s what we discussed about each car:

  • Mercedes Benz E 220 d:

Best in segment luxury feel, awesome legroom, and back seat comfort, the car in black or white gets plush beige interiors and the silver gets a sporty black. The new long wheel based car provides an awesome legroom that no one in its segment can match up to.
Rear seat pillow cushions are a joy to comfort cravers. Plus the Mercedes badge speaks for itself. So we had to shortlist this one.


  • Autogenius New Mercedes benz e class 220d


  • Mercedes Benz E 350 d:

To start off with 255 bhp, 620 Nm torque and airmatic suspension say a lot. You feel like a baby cuddled in a cradle. Acceleration power is massive and you get best of both worlds.
We really liked the car but the only cons were that airmatic suspensions require timely maintenance and a long waiting period and we really didn’t want to wait as taxes on the luxury car were supposed to rise within a week.


  • Mercedes Benz GL E:

Good and practical SUV with huge discounts, hunk looking structure with good power. However, our buyer was keener on buying a sedan so we dropped out almost all SUV’s including the GLS and the JLR Evoque.
  • Autogenius mercedes-benz gle
  • BMW 520d Luxury Line:

The car is a fresh launch so it came with no discounts, availability within a week was also unpredictable. While we liked the I-drive system and the interiors of the car, we didn’t love the interiors as much as the E class. The back seat comfort and space in the E class to stretch legs and relax after a busy day at office remains unparalleled. The Bmw has its own advantages though. It gets Air suspensions in the price range of 60 lakhs is amazing. Features like the Remote Trunk opening with leg movement and Remote Parking add value to the car. So we shortlisted the car.
  • Autogenius bmw 520d
  • Audi A6

Audi has not received an update in 2017 and the car remains the same from 2016. As a matter of features, it is well equipped but the 2.0 diesel struggles to deliver at the higher end and is a Front Wheel Drive car as compared to the competitions on Rear-wheel Drive. So it is not as fun as the others to an enthusiast. So we dropped it out of our list.
  • Autogenius Audi A6 1
The deal from Mercedes was an unmatchable one. Tempting enough to go ahead and book the car immediately and that’s exactly what happened. Also, comfort was at priority against sportiness and it is the star that rules this segment.
A whopping 6 digit + cash discount with 3 years’ Service & Maintenance Program made it easier to make decisions.
A Mercedes E 220d was booked in black, however, swivel marks of the cloth due to cleaning are easily visible so we advised booking the car in silver. It also came with black interiors that looked fab and very close to the one the S- Class gets.
At Autogenius we believe in perfection. So make sure we conduct a Pre-Delivery Inspection on the cars. We reached the showroom 6 hours early to test the E220d and to make sure everything is just spot on.
Delivery of the car is a special moment, we believe in making it as wonderful as possible. The AutoGenius Cake also helps us in doing so.


Pictures are as follows:

  • Autogenius New Mercedes benz e class 220d Sanjay Shah SIL

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